Kevin Na cards a 16 on one hole: video

Kevin Na is well known on the PGA Tour for his slow play. Playing 16 shots on one hole (see video) probably doesn’t do much for his reputation.

Kevin Na came unstuck in the first round of the Valeros Texas Open. He sprayed his tee shot right into some deep woods. After some discussion they decided to swallow a one-shot penalty and replay the tee shot.

The second tee shot went into exactly the same spot. After some more discussion (and poor course management) he decided to play from there, hitting a tree and himself in the process leading to a two-shot penalty. He went on to play many more shots in the woods, eventually getting out and recording a 16 on his card.

I think his caddy looks a little scared of him most of the way through this especially as Na wondered how many shots he’d had;

“How are we going to count all those shots?”

To his credit, Na did not walk off the course like many golfers would in this situation. He played the back nine in 3-under par and finished with an 80. Remarkably not the worst score of the day.

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