ADVENTURES IN GOLF / How many shots would it take to get a hole-in-one?

Erik from Adventures in Golf sets out to make a hole-in-one, no matter how long it takes. Or how insane he becomes in the process.

We think Adventures in Golf (via Skratch TV) is a must-see internet golf series for all golfers and this episode from Season 2 is another ripper where we see series host Erik Anders Lang (who was previously married to Sia I just learned) do whatever it takes to make a hole-in-one.

Erik’s hole-in-one challenge is a little different from the one we saw Eduardo Molinari attempt last week though.

Unlike Molinari, Erik is not a professional golfer (although relatively accomplished) and the hole he chose is a little longer, and arguably a little harder. Erik has to get his own golf balls, and repair his own plug mark. And Erik is also prepared to camp out (quite literally) and achieve the feat no matter how many golf balls it takes.

Watch Erik slowly go insane trying to get a hole-in-one. His realisation towards the end of the video is worth sticking around for – especially to understand what the odds of making a hole-in-one really mean.

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