Video: Ball resting against a bunker rake

What is the correct procedure when you golf ball is resting up against a rake?

This situation occurs so often it is worth a reminder. Mark the position of the ball before you move the rake so that if the ball rolls away you can replace it as near as possible to where it initially lay.

4 thoughts on “Video: Ball resting against a bunker rake

  • does the same procedure apply to tree leafs and branches?

  • Nope, if your ball moves while moving leaves or branches ‘through the green’ you must replace the ball and incur a one shot penalty.

  • The rake is a movable obstruction, and you may remove it. If the ball moves, it must be replaced without penalty on the spot, and if the ball can’t remain at rest at that spot, you find the nearest spot not nearer the hole and not in a hazard where it will remain at rest.


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