Victorian Open is a mixed affair

James Nitties will be playing in this
week’s Victorian Open.
In a very unique, and yet belated initiative, the tournament will see both men and women competing simultaneously for their own Victorian Open crowns.
This week’s Victorian Open at Spring Valley Golf Club is breaking with tradition and staging both the men’s and women’s tournament simultaneously. On Sunday, we will see both the men and women playing in alternating groups with the possibility of the leading men’s and women’s groups to follow each up other up the 18th hole on Sunday afternoon.
It’s a fantastic concept and features a raft of great players including James Nitties, Peter Lonard, Craig Parry, Kristie Smith, Sarah Kemp and  Tamie Durdin. See this video if you aren’t aware of all the tricks Tamie Durdin has up her sleeve.

If you’re about Melbourne, get out to Spring Valley to catch the action. If you need more details, check out the Victorian Open website, and here’s some more information on exactly how the event will work.
The 2012 Men’s Victorian Open will be played over four rounds at the Spring Valley Golf Club from Thursday to Sunday this week.

The 1st round of the 2012 Women’s Victorian Open will commence at Woodlands Golf Club on Friday January 6th with the remaining 36-holes to then be played concurrently with the Men’s Open at Spring Valley on the weekend of January 7th – 8th.

The Saturday round will see 50 players (plus ties plus amateurs) contest the 3rd round of the Men’s Open in the morning beginning at 7.30am while the 2nd round of the Women’s Open will be played from 12noon during the afternoon.

There will also be a cut for the Women’s Open following the 2nd round with 50 players plus ties progressing to Sunday’s final round. Depending on the exact number of players that make the respective men’s and women’s final day fields, the intention is to play alternating men’s and women’s groups from the 1st tee from 7am until approximately 1.30pm.

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  • This would be exciting. This 2012 will start of something fun and exciting golf experience for everyone.


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