US Open Update

By the time you read this, the second round of the US Open will be well underway but some first round observations could not go without jotting them down.

A few well known Aussie golfers sit near the top of the leaderboard behind the unknown Americans. Geoff’s our best hope there. Adam Scott had a reasonable day too out despite having a broken bone in his hand after one of his mates slammed it in a car door a few weeks back.

With the unknowns atop the leaderboard and a good early showing by the Aussies in a major some things still remain par for the course if you will. Knee hobbling Tiger is right in the hunt with a good first round despite a double bogey on the first, Sergio Garcia disappoints after being in good form and Robert Allenby is complaining once again. Bumpiest greens he’s ever seen apparently. EVER!

Can’t be as bad as the local golf course the weekend after coring surely? Although Robert’s prone to complaining, it probably says more about the immaculate state of greens the pro’s get to play on week to week. Keep that in mind when you miss a putt in the comp over the weekend. Yes, that’s right, blame the greens.

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