Tree grows around golf ball that was last hit over 30 years ago

The Adelaide Messenger reported on a cool story of a two members at Thaxted Park Golf Club in Adelaide finding a golf ball heavily embedded in a tree.

How did it get there? Well it looks as though it lodged in the tree some time in the 1970s or 1980s and the tree continued to grow completely around it. The ball was only spotted when the two members were cutting up the tree after it was cut down.

The Spalding Power Flight ball’s been in the tree at the Thaxted Park Golf Club so long, the branch has physically grown around it, completely covering the ball as it has continued to grow.

It was only discovered by Colin Greenslade and his golfing mate Peter O’Connor as they were splitting wood from trees cut down at the golf course as part of a maintenance program.

Hat tip to Golf Industry Central for spotting this one.

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