Top 9 moments of the 2010 US Open

Graeme McDowell was a deserved winner of the 2010 US Open (see video below) and has been one of the most consistent golfers on the planet over the last few years. The tournament was not without controversy though, with a lot of angry people around. Here’s a look at the top 9 moments from the US Open.

Tiger got the ball rolling criticising the Pebble Beach layout. Stuart Appleby elaborated some more; “The greens just aren’t true enough. Not too many US courses are designed for bouncy formats. It’s a bounce fest. There are more bounces than a Skippy episode”.

8. Pebble Beach is only slightly pebbly

In fact, from what I saw on the TV and in press images, most of the beach looked downright sandy! Can any confirm this? Anyone see any pebbles?
7. Ian Poulter wonders how to play golf (video below)
Stopping the golf ball on the par-3 7th was close to impossible and Ian Poulter got ‘caught’ on camera expressing his frustration. When a sand-wedge doesn’t stop, it must be hard but I’m sure some of this was a direct result of Wayne Rooney’s performances.

6. Aussies miss cut to watch World Cup.
Only two out of 11 Australians made the cut at the US Open. Stuart Appleby and Robert Allenby were the sole survivors on the weekend. The rest were at Nathan Green’s house who had pulled out of the tournament qualifier saying he would “rather sit home on the couch and watch soccer than beat my head against a brick wall for four days.”

It was the shot that had everyone thinking Tiger’s back”. It was a phenomenal shot. The sort of shot Tiger used to play all the time. He’s not back yet though.
4. The ‘unfair’ 14th green
Marc Leishman gave us a taste of things at the par-5 14th hole during his first round. He hit the flagstick with this approach shot and it ricocheted 20metres back off the green forcing another chip over the bunker. He was one of many who struggled with the tough, and arguably unfair 14th green.

3. Phil Mickelson thinks free-drop’s are for wimps
Phil Mickelson showed us last week how to hit a ball off the road. This week he gave a lesson on how to play another trick show. He declined a free drop and played off the TV cables. The sort of lie many of us encounter from week to week.
2. The mottled greens
I’ve never had more messages during a major tournament than during the 2010 US Open, “What’s with the greens?”. Despite not the cause of the rock hard surfaces, it would have been nice to have heard an explanation. Fungus, parasites and different grass types were some suggestions. Others thought the ban on  ‘green filters’ from the TV broadcasts highlighted the mess.
1. Graeme McDowell wins!
Last but definitely not least was McDowell’s win. The only golfer in the field not to succumb to Pebble Beach this week and finished even par. One shot ahead of ‘journeyman’ Gregory Havret (FoxSports wrap below).

2 thoughts on “Top 9 moments of the 2010 US Open

  • Graeme McDowell victory is great…anybody should agree that he such a charming guy with great character. Not to mention is interesting accent that is a mix of irish and southern (he went to college in alabama)

  • I don’t know if Graeme McDowell should have won but he did deserve it. Everyone else was awful. Poor Johnson he fell off the planet on Sunday. I hope he had a red bull because I hear it gives you wings.


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