Tiger Woods poised for comeback (again); with Bridgestone golf ball and Taylormade clubs?

We’ve heard all this before but it sounds like Tiger Woods is ready to play golf again, and this time with a new ball and clubs.

Tiger Woods is ready to play tournament golf for the first time in 15-months according to USA Today’s Steve DiMeglio who chatted to the 14-time major winner on the range last week.

Woods is preparing to play in this week’s Hero World Challenge, a tournament he hosts and sound like he will be playing a Bridgestone golf ball  and TaylorMade golf clubs after Nike decided to stop making golf equipment in August this year.

Woods has admitted to being nervous before getting back inside the ropes this week.

“Yes, I’m nervous,” said Woods, who is still working with swing coach Chris Como. “I’m nervous for every tournament I play in, whether it’s after a layoff, or six in a row, or a major. I care. If I care, I’m nervous. And it’s good to be that way. To have that nervous energy and channel it, into aggression, into focus, into concentration, that’s good stuff.

“If I wasn’t nervous, that would mean I didn’t care. I don’t want to be out there flat. I want to be out here so bad. And now I am.”

Woods publicly announced he was ready to play tournament golf in October but pulled out at the last minute realising his game just wasn’t ready.

DiMeglio reports that Woods is now a lot further along in his rehabilitation and has played way more golf than he had done back in October.

“I have way more shots now, because I’ve played way more golf. I only had a handful of shots back then,” said Woods, who played nine holes at Albany shortly after he arrived on Saturday. “And you just saw a session where I hit everything. And I had control of everything. I can hit all the shots now, on call. …

“It was a smart decision in the end to pull out of the tournaments. The competitor inside me wanted to go so badly, I was itching to go, I had been playing at home, and I thought I could get it around. I had played feeling worse and won golf tournaments. But I finally decided why rush … I had waited more than a year, so let’s wait a little more and get it right.”

It sounds like while Woods waited, he now has his swing, speed and distance back. Let’s see what happens this week.

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