Tiger Woods is building a golf course that looks a lot like Augusta National

Augusta National looks to be the template for the first Tiger Woods designed golf course in the United States.

Tiger Woods has taken a stroll around the first golf course he has designed in the US – Bluejack National in Texas. The land was originally home to a golf course called Blaketree National, partly designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw and opened in 2001. Just four years later it closed and Woods’ design company chose to build another golf course directly on top of the old one.

Woods’ design looks a lot like Augusta National which is a great template to base any golf course on. I particularly love Woods’ philosophy on keeping the rough areas low on vegetation so lost golf balls can be kept to a minimum.

A number of Tiger Woods’ designs have run into financial trouble with his only other complete golf course being the recently opened El Cardonal at Diamante on the tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, which has had some great reviews.

Woods the golf course designer. Looks like he has a path plotted out for when his golf career finishes up.

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