Tiger Woods arrives at Augusta and faces chipping demons head-on

Tiger Woods has been out at Augusta National facing his chipping demons head-on.

One of the biggest storylines surrounding the 2015 Masters week will be the return of Tiger Woods to tournament golf and his ability to overcome what many believe he has, the chipping yips.

Many golf experts are wondering if the chipping demons are now too firmly entrenched in Woods’ head, and despite Augusta National being a place of fond memories for Woods, it’s not a golf course you want to be second guessing your short game.

Woods arrived at Augusta National late on Monday and headed straight to the chipping practice area. Clearly intent on putting to rest any talk of the chipping yips and showing the world he is ready to play.

Golf Digest summed it all up:

Knowing all eyes at the range were on his wedge practice and probably aware there was an audience on Golf Channel’s “Live From” hoping to see if he’s cured the short game yips, Woods took a green bag of balls from caddie Joe LaCava, put on headphones, appeared to dance to the music at one point and went straight to work hitting the same lofted wedges that have given him fits.

Talk about a bold statement.

Well it depends on what he was listening to I suppose. If he was listening to his favourite band, Nickelback, well that is a bold statement.

Nevermind that listening to music via headphones is against the rules at Augusta National, Woods is a four-time Masters champion; who is going to pull him up on listening to a bit of Nickelback while playing a few chip shots?

By all reports Woods seemed relaxed with the wedges before going out and playing a practice round with his old friend Mark O’Meara. But as we all know, chipping on the practice green and chipping on the golf course in a major golf championship, are two very different things. We’ll know more on Friday morning.

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