Tiger Woods and Scottie Scheffler on how to chip from the short side: video

What is the short side? What do they mean by using the leading edge or the bounce of the golf club? 

This video from TaylorMade, obviously shot some time ago, Scottie Scheffler and Tiger Woods have explained how they play a chip shot from the short side of the green.

And what’s the short side of the green?

In golf, “short side” refers to a situation where a golfer’s ball ends up on the side of the green that is closest to the hole, where there is less room to work with between the ball and the hole. This typically happens when a golfer misses the green on the side where the flagstick is located.

It makes the next shot much more difficult so it’s worth hearing how the best in the world go about it,

And.. there is a bit of talk in this about “leading edge” and “using the bounce” on these chip shots. More on that below the video.

When playing a chip shot with the leading edge of the club, the golfer positions the ball back in their stance and leans the shaft of the club forward, so that the leading edge of the club contacts the ground first. This creates a sharp, descending blow that allows the golfer to hit the ball low and make it roll towards the hole. Woods mentions this is the preferred method of Jordan Spieth.

When playing a shot using the bounce of the club, the golfer positions the ball more towards the center of their stance and allows the clubhead to glide along the ground without digging in. This creates a more shallow angle of attack and helps the golfer hit the ball higher and softer, with more spin and control.

Using the bounce is generally more forgiving than using the leading edge; it’s less likely to dig into the ground and cause the golfer to hit a poor shot. However, using the leading edge is often necessary when the ball is sitting on tight, compacted lies or when the golfer needs to hit a low, running shot.

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