Tiger wins 2009 Australian Masters, but what have we learned?

Tiger Woods won the 2009 Australian Masters today to take home the crystal ware and don the gold jacket. He managed to make birdies when needed and Greg Chalmers, James Nitties and Jason Dufner couldn’t match him. They join a very long list of golfers.

It was pretty amazing to see the world’s number one golfer stroll Australian fairways once more a real treat to see him wear the gold jacket. A major part of the Australian golf summer for the last 20 years and won by a long list of great golfers from all over the world.

You’ll find the tournament dissected and reported in many places across the Internet and you probably don’t need one more tournament wrap. But what have we learned from the crazy week?

  • Melbourne can put on a sporting event, any major event for that matter. I’m over the whole Sydney versus Melbourne rivalry but have to say, the city could hold the British Open without anyone realising it wasn’t in the UK.
  • Just because a kebab may cost $7 on Lygon Street doesn’t mean it won’t cost around $10 at the golf.
  • Australia has just as many idiots as any other country willing to yell ‘get in the hole!’ to Tiger.
  • Australia also has a number of golf fans who are willing to tell them to shut up.
  • Tiger at his worst is even par.
  • Adam Scott may soon be back to his best. See Australian Open in a few weeks.
  • I have no hesitation now in saying it was $3 million well spent by the Victorian government and golf management. The atmosphere around the fully booked out city of Melbourne was extraordinary.

6 thoughts on “Tiger wins 2009 Australian Masters, but what have we learned?

  • I believe I said Adam Scott would be in for a good week and was told i was incorrect. He finished higher than all the players you picked to challenge Tiger except Dufner.
    Just thought i would point that out 🙂
    Unfortunately we had no kiwis challenging on the final day. Nothing unusual about that.

  • And also that he has just as an impressive club toss down under as he does in the northern hemisphere. Not that I have a problem with that given that I’m sure that the club toss is something that I can compete with Tiger on an even ground with. The club toss in the third round does seem to have caused a stir in places though.

  • It was a great call Mr G! I’d never considered him and wondered whether anyone else had! It’s always great seeing him playing on the weekend – not to mention seeing some of his friends in tow! Well done again mate.

  • You’re spot on Mal, that toss did create a stir. Think it got a crazy bounce and launched itself into the crowd. Not to be condoned though it wasn’t the best sight to see. The only blemish from him all weekend though – he conducts himself so well off the course as well as on.

  • What we have learned is rather predictable – that Tiger Woods is still the man to beat !


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