Tiger v Phil: Which was the better flop-shot?

Has Tiger Woods’ flop-shot been over-rated?

The hype surrounding Tiger Woods’ amazing flop-shot on Sunday is incredible, and well deserved. It was a stroke of brilliance that was once the norm for the greatest golfer of our generation.

It also garnered a huge amount of publicity because of Jack Nicklaus’ take on the shot. The Golden Bear called it the “The most unbelievable, gutsy shot I’ve ever seen”. Strong words and there is no real reason to doubt the greatest golfer of all time is there? Does it matter it was during his tournament, on his golf course, on a hole controversially re-designed by himself?

I’m going to open up the debate and show the two flop-shot’s back-to-back.

Was Tiger’s shot really better than Phil Micklson’s flop-shot at the US Masters this year? Tighter lie, faster green and potentially as much danger over the back. Mickelson’s didn’t go in, so Tiger has that going for him.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Tiger v Phil: Which was the better flop-shot?

  • Both shots were quite amazing. The only things that really separates them is the fact that Tiger’s ball went into the hole.

    Tiger’s just a fraction better!

  • tiger was fluffier lie and back into the wind. Phils tighter lie – phils was harder i reckon. cwag

  • Phil’s was definitely a harder shot but the fact that Tiger holed out from such a difficult flop that required pin point accuracy makes it better for me….. He also went on to win the event so the effect of the shot was also greater!


  • Phil had a few ways he could have played the shot(chip and run) but choose the crazy option and pulled it off missing but 5feet left. Tiger really had only one option, with a fluffy lie and played it perfectly(yes it went in). So harder shot was Phil, but the better result was Tiger, he didn’t have to putt. Herb


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