Tiger Woods snarls at journalist for daring to ask about Navy SEAL career

Woods snarls at reporter for daring to get him to answer a question properly.

Tiger Woods has shown a return to form lately. His golf game is beginning to show signs of the Tiger of old (ignoring his putting) and his way of dealing with the press is back to the good ol’ days.

Tiger is annoyed (see full video interview below) by the March release of a book by former coach Hank Haney, titled “The Big Miss”. In the book Haney is supposedly going to reveal a few things about Woods during the years he was in charge of his golf swing.

And Tiger doesn’t like it one little bit.

An excerpt from the book is available in the April issue of Golf Digest but they revealed a few revelations from it on their website this week. One of the revelations was that Tiger apparently toyed with the idea of becoming a Navy SEAL during the prime of his career.

Woods has been quoted as saying the release of the book is “unprofessional and very disappointing” and thinks even less of this supposed revelation.

Journalists were instructed not to mention the book during the Tiger Woods press conference held today – which is very much like holding out a red rag to a bull. He was asked immediately if his opinion of the book had changed at all.

“It’s still the same, nothing has changed in that regard at all.”

A few more questions later and Tiger was asked more questions about the Navy SEAL revelation, but Tiger wasn’t budging. He refused to answer anything about it eventually telling the journalist to, “have a good day”.

I realise Woods doesn’t like the book and would rather not draw attention to it, but whoever deals with his media communications skills should be sacked. He should be responding to these questions very differently. It’s really not hard to answer these questions is it?

The first question about the book is around the 1 minute mark, but the icy glares and the snarling Tiger comes out at the 8:30 minute mark.

Wei Under Par was in attendance at the interview, and has a great, detailed account of the interview.

One thought on “Tiger Woods snarls at journalist for daring to ask about Navy SEAL career

  • I totally agree with what you say. Just because media managers tell journalists not to ask questions about certain topics doesn’t mean we can’t ask them. It’s our job to ask them! And if Tiger -or anyone else with a public profile – puts themselves up in front of the media it’s open slather about anything and everything. If speculation about him wanting to join the Navy is the issue of the day so be it. He could easily shut it down with the appropriate response.
    Good on the journalist for persisting with the questions about it. Tiger’s the one who comes out looking like an arrogant, spoilt brat about it at the end of the day…


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