Tiger snake wraps itself around golf bag at Sanctuary Lakes

The warmer, longer days means more time on the golf course; for both golfers and snakes.

Most golfers in Australia are celebrating the fact that spring has arrived and the time is right for much more golf. But unfortunately the warmer weather also brings a few other creatures out on to the golf course, and some are not so welcome.

Peter Dundon played Melbourne’s Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club last week and found this tiger snake take a liking to his golf bag.

Photo courtesy of Golf Industry Central.

Details are scarce but from what I can gather from Peter and Golf Industry Central the snake wound its way up the golf bag while it was parked next to the 9th green and it took some time to convince the snake it should move on.

It was also reported that a child was bitten by a snake on the golf course the same day these photos were taken.

Tread warily folks. As most of us know there are plenty more scattered about golf courses all over Australia. It may be wise to steer clear of the rough if you can too.

2 thoughts on “Tiger snake wraps itself around golf bag at Sanctuary Lakes

  • Perfect excuse for a new set of golf clubs

  • Yeiks! Remind me NEVER to play at Sanctuary Lakes!!!


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