Thumbs down for O’Hern

World number 84, Nick O’Hern will miss all Australian tournaments this summer due to thumb surgery. Golfers get injuries from time to time but it’s the way that this injury was acquired that’s surprising:

“I slammed my left hand in a locker door and immediately went to the doctor who said I had a chronic partial tear of the ligament in my left thumb,” said O’Hern.

This happened in July last year during (probably after) a PGA Tour event. Nick O’Hern always appears in control and is very composed and I have a hard time believing it was golf related. Was there a small spider crawling on his locker door, did someone mistake him for Steve Buscemi or did someone steal his Danni Minogue picture that adorned the inside wall?

The left hander is not very long off the tee but makes up for it with fantastic accuracy, finishing 12th for driving accuracy on the tour. It’s a real pity he won’t be playing the next few months. After three 2nd place finishes in the Australian Open, Aussie Golfer was expecting a win this year. Let’s hope the operation goes well and can soon give us all the thumbs up.

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