Throwback video: When Phil interrupted Tiger’s first tee announcement

Here is a great moment from back in the days when Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson used to go head-to-head.

In the lead up to this week’s TOUR Championship, the PGA Tour have been sharing some of the best moments from the tournament. But we think this may be the best moment to come from an event at East Lake Golf Club, featuring long time rivals Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.

Skratch TV shared this great video this week via their twitter feed. It comes from 2002 when Phil Mickelson interrupted the announcer who was listing Tiger Woods’ wins before hitting his opening tee shot.

It’s fascinating to look back on the rivalry between Woods and Mickelson. Everyone assumed that they had a frosty relationship but in truth it seems they were just very different people who faced each other time and time again on the golf course, with Woods usually coming off best.

For a time there, it seemed Mickelson was destined never to win a major with Woods around. Woods had won eight majors before Mickelson eventually won his first at the 2004 Masters but interestingly, since the beginning of 2004, Woods has won six majors with Mickelson winning five.

And perhaps most tellingly, if either of them was going to win another major, Mickelson is still playing and looks a lot closer to winning one than Woods.

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