Through the Green – Swing starts fire

A lot of golf news passes over the desk at Aussie Golfer HQ. Today we introduce to you, “Through the Green”. A summary of some of the other golf news we don’t always get a chance to comment on. But please feel free to make your own comments below!

Photo taken after swing causes spark that starts the fire. Source.
I’ve seen sparks fly off clubs but I’m sure I believe this story. Reportedly, a golfer struck a rock during a swing which caused a spark setting the rough on fire. It went on to cause a huge bushfire on and around the Shady Canyon Golf Course. I’ve yet to hear form the golf course confirming the story but California is very dry at the moment.
Paul Casey, currently #9 in the world golf rankings was overlooked for Ryder Cup team selection by Colin Montgomerie. Apparently there is a back story to his exclusion which may or may not be interesting. It won’t be nearly as interesting if Corey Pavin doesn’t pick Tiger Woods in his team. Tiger will be there though.
Teen disqualifies himself after winning medal
A 14-year old from Wisconsin realised he had two many clubs in his bag after winning a junior golf tournament. When it was pointed out to him after the round, he immediately disqualified himself which was very noble of him. After someone noticed it was pretty much the only thing he could do.
PING shares name with Apple
Apple have a new social music feature in iTunes. It’s called PING and they entered an agreement with the famous golf brand in order to do so.

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