Thinking of getting a home golf simulator? All your questions answered

How much room do you need to get a home golf simulator? How accurate are they? And most importantly, how much do they cost?

Home golf simulators used to be for mega-rich golfers only, but I’ve been seeing more and more on social media and had the feeling they’ve become more compact and affordable. But I wasn’t sure how much space you need, how good they were and how much they now cost. I had a lot of questions about them in general.

So rather than just keep wondering I compiled my questions, and asked the guys from 24-7 Golf who happened to get in touch a few months ago.

Keep in mind that the answers relate to the products sold by 24-7 Golf only and the answers may vary slightly for other providers.

I think I’ve covered all the important questions – check them out, along with the important answers below!

How much room will I need to install a home golf simulator?
It depends on the chosen launch monitor but as a minimum, we require 3.1m wide, 2.7-3.1m high, and 5.1m+ depth. Height will somewhat vary from customer to customer based on their body height and the ability to swing their longest club (driver).

Are they just a home golf sim or can they also be used as a home entertainment solution as well?
Provided you have wifi signal to the location you can add a Google Chromecast or Apple TV device directly to the projector. You would also have the ability to use a Foxtel box and cast that to the projector with the use of a HDMI cable also. This then allows you the range of programs those devices stream or satellite to be shown on the screen of the enclosure using our projectors. Great for all of the family!

Do the installations come with pre-loaded software including courses? Different golf format games etc?
No. Each device has compatible apps that can be downloaded for either iOS or Android. The Garmin R10 system requires the Garmin Golf App, SkyTrak has its own app, and FlightScope the FS Golf app.

The different apps come with different courses and challenges; you can let us know if you need more information. Home Tee Hero for the Garmin R10 Approach, for example, allows owners to play 42,000 rendered for an extra charge.

The most popular compatible software for both the SkyTrak and Mevo+ or X3 monitors is the TGC 2019 virtual software giving you access to 150,000 courses such as Augusta, St.Andrews, Pebble Beach and many more. This one is not to be missed!

What’s the golf swing accuracy like?
Does it give a good reflection of real ball flight for each swing? Yes, the ball flight is relatively accurate. The devices will capture those hooks and slices as well as the bombs straight down the middle. There is a range of data parameters included in each device output (see our site for more details).

How does putting work?
You can definitely putt using the Mevo+, X3 and SkyTrak devices – but not the Garmin R10. Putting from our hitting mats onto carpet or artificial golf turf is preferred. It is advisable when using the FlightScope range (Mevo+ and X3) to bring the ball back to within 2.1m of the actual launch monitor. Due to the sensitivity of putting it is one of the more delicate operations the Launch Monitors perform, other electrical devices and environmental factors may cause interference and cause misreads.

Do they have to be a permanent fixture?
No. The enclosures are designed to be able to be assembled and disassembled relatively easily, full instructions are provided. It’s like putting up a large tent. Our garage or PAR 3 enclosures are designed to be assembled and left in place so that your vehicle can be driven inside the enclosure and still allow the front car doors to open to allow egress to your vehicle.

The big question: I’ve heard they’re much more affordable these days, but how much do they cost?
Our Golf Simulator packages range in price from a Garmin R10 with Return Net for $1,899 to our PAR 5 size 4m (w) x 3m (h) x 3m (d) with a gaming laptop and TGC 2019 software for approximately $11,999. POA for the professional FlightScope X3 range. As our range updates over time more advanced packages will be available.

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