The relationship between driving distance and age on the PGA Tour

Here is one for the golf geeks out there – driving distance vs golfer age on the PGA Tour.

PGA Tour: Driving Distance and Player Age | FindTheBest

Courtesy of comes this interesting plot of average driving distance (2013 – 14) with age of players on the PGA Tour.

While it’s probably not surprising to see a trend towards shorter distances off the tee as golfers get older, it’s fun to take a look at some of the outliers.

Hover your mouse over each point to see player’s name and driving distance. Tom Watson is still getting some good distance for a 65-year-old and his namesake, Bubba is well and truly the longest hitter off the tee.

Angel Cabrera smokes it for a guy his age and it will be interesting to see if Jordan Spieth, as the youngest player on the graph can get any extra distance out of his game over the next few years.

One thought on “The relationship between driving distance and age on the PGA Tour

  • That’s extremely interesting reading. Drop off of distance is not all that significant which is interesting as I’d have thought after 40 it would drop off faster. Long John isn’t so long anymore, even Davis Love is hitting it further.


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