The long and the short of Mickelson’s putting

Phil Mickelson isn’t afraid to try new things. He has often played Augusta National with two drivers in the bag. One that goes a little further than the other, but more inaccurately.
So it is no surprise to see Mickelson toying with a belly putter for this week’s Deutsche Bank Championship. 
Golf Digest reporter Ron Sirak tweeted a few photos yesterday. One of Mickelson trying out the belly putter on the practice green, and one of his bag showing he still hasn’t thrown out his short putter yet.
I’ve only ever seen a couple of amateurs take to the fairways with two putters in the bag, never a professional.

2 thoughts on “The long and the short of Mickelson’s putting

  • Lets all jump on the bandwagon and use the belly putter. jeez!!! If someone were to win putting with a driver that would take off too lol

  • I see the young guys are calling it an “ab-putter” because they don’t have bellies!


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