The Big G-O!

The Tiger streak has been broken by Geoff Ogilvy! He’s taken out the second World Gold Championship for the year!
Upon hearing Channel 10 was the play the last 9 holes (it had played the rest of the event) from 12:15am last night I thought I’d risk the effects of Tuesday morning hoping for an Aussie win.

As midnight came I switched to the PGA Tour website to see that the golf had already begun. When the coverage started on Channel 10 HDTV I figured it would be live. No such luck. They continued to play the coverage 2 holes behind (about half an hour) which was very annoying.

I had a choice to continue to watch online whilst keeping an eye on the TV or turn off the internet and stay up later. I chose the internet and “saw” Geoff bring it home with pars!

And what a par it was on 13 too! A duffed chip followed by one that came out fast and straight in! A back breaker for Vijay and the rest of the field. The commentators weren’t convinced and were giving it to him a little upon seeing him next hole pull out a driver when they thought he should have taken a 3-wood. He bounced it out of the intermediate rough and down the fairway.

The challengers kept coming with Furyk, Singh, Goosen and for a moment Woods, all getting to within a shot or two but couldn’t make it to 17-under. Surprising even Ogilvy himself. If you go 72 holes at the Blue Monster with only 1 bogey, you can’t be far off winning I wouldn’t think.

Geoff has managed to balance golf with his new family life to great effect. He’s playing some great golf at long last but we all know the truth: it’s Paul Arnfield we have to thank after his kick up the butt article on Geoff a while ago. Could we possibly be thanking him on Monday, April 14?

P.S. Check out this link, the image shows a side to golf and the pro’s that play the tour in a light we don’t often see. We should see more of it.

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