Sureshot Solar Power pack: Recharge on the golf course

Ever run out of GPS or phone charge on the golf course? This would have helped.

Anyone who has a golf GPS or used their phone as one will have encountered a low battery at some stage or another. Do you switch off for the last few holes, or do you keep using it and forfeit the phone call on the way home?

This just makes a whole lot of sense – a solar powered pack to recharge your GPS or mobile phone while out on the golf course.

From the press release:

This handy device is best kept in your golfing bag for when you next encounter an emergency power situation out on the course. A great feature of the Sureshotgps SS Solar Power Pack is its compatibility. The power pack will suit most other brands of golf GPS units as well as mobile phones including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and BlackBerry.

No matter how far away from an electrical outlet you are, you will never be without power with the Sureshotgps SS Solar Power Packs solar technology. This lightweight and compact device recharges itself under artificial light and sunlight.

Sureshotgps SS Solar Power Pack RRP $49.95

Visit or call 1300 644 523 for stockists

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