Superstititions: Tiger Woods and Fred Couples chat on GOLFTV

Fred Couples and Tiger Woods share a few of their odd quirks during an interview on GolfTV.

GOLFTV is essentially the PGA Tour’s online golf channel and Australians are one of the first to have access. They’ve shown a snippet on Twitter from an interview with Tiger Woods and Fred Couples who seem very relaxed here as the chat about some of their superstitions and quirks. R.E.L.A.X.

While GOLFTV have told me it’s still very much in beta phase and as such some functions are not yet available, but Australians have access to two types of subscriptions for Australian customers, Basic subscription and Premium subscription.

Giving you access to live PGA Tour coverage as well as a whole bunch of other stuff, the Basic subscription costs 9.99 AUD per month and 89.99 annually, whilst the Premium subscription costs 19.99 AUD monthly and 179.99 AUD annually. More details on GolfTV subscription is here.

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