Stuart Appleby’s website

Australian golfers tend to punch above their weight on the world stage but when it comes to marketing themselves and running their own websites, they don’t do too well.

There are a few exceptions however as I mentioned with Adam Scott’s website a few months ago. Remember him?

I’ve recently been checking out Stuart Appleby’s website and must say it’s pretty good. Appleby’s been on Twitter lately and he’s got some nice videos on his site. His walk-through of the 10th at Riviera Country Club is worth watching. It made me realise the hundreds of things that go through a professional golfers mind. In the end, the hole kinda creeped me out. It sounds far too dangerous for a budding amateur to be taking on.

He looks like he has this game all figured out. How is it he is struggling to retain his PGA Tour card?!

P.S. Stuart Appleby on Twitter

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