Steve Williams interview on The Golf Show (in case you missed it): video

If you missed FoxSports’ The Golf Show last night, you would have missed the Steve Williams interview.

Brenton Speed chatted to the very relaxed looking Steve Williams for The Golf Show, and it’s made headlines for his comments about the acrimonious split with Tiger Woods.

Williams does indeed chat about being sacked by Woods (right at the end of the interview) and he claims they are yet to ‘bury the hatchet’, but as usual there is much more to the interview than just a couple of quotes from Williams about Woods.

Williams gives another great run down of the drama-filled final holes at the 2013 Masters and his thoughts on Scott’s preparation for major championships after under-performing for many years.

Williams has had a rough run by the media over the years. He’s said some stupid things and been a little too much in the spotlight for a caddy, but he speaks his mind and is obviously one of the best caddy’s in the history of the game. His comments are easy to cherry-pick and the more interesting aspects of his job are often lost in the hype for attention grabbing headlines.

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