Must listen: State of the Game podcast

Here is a must listen podcast for all golf nerds, geeks and tragics.

State of the Game is a new golf podcast that was launched last week to discuss the latest in golf and the first episode featured a knowledgeable cast of characters.

Golf journalists Geoff Shackleford, Rod Morrie and John Huggan feature alongside former Australian professional and now course designer Mike Clayton. Shackleford said on his website;

“We hope to have guests and a fresh mix of views with each show, touching on current events and broader issues as well. Figure on it appearing every couple of weeks, or when events in the game warrant an emergency chat session.”

I can highly recommend having a listen to these blokes ramble on about golf. The guys discuss how far professionals are hitting the ball, what it has done to golf courses and what the R&A might be thinking about it all.

My highlight from the episode: When asked what a championship golf course is, Mike Clayton responds, “I don’t know but I’ve played a lot of championships on bad golf courses”.

Listen below if you like, or head to iTunes to tune in.

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