St.Andrews is a joke

Why is St.Andrews so easy to play on computer golf games? The home of golf and the most prestigious golf course in the world is always nothing more than a timid bilby.

I find eating a banana muffin harder than playing St.Andrews on a games console. I’ve heard of many rounds in the low 50’s. It’s been featured on Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Links Golf, Leaderboard Golf as well as a whole load of others and it’s a joke at best.

I’m sure non-golf fans would have often thought it was just some course added to the game in order to allow players to get a feel for the controls. A tutorial level.

Watching the great course slain so badly feels like a blight on the game. It’s not right and it’s no surprise that Augusta National hasn’t been featured on any golf games. I’m sure they don’t want it depicted as the hapless water buffalo that St.Andrews has been made out to be.

2 thoughts on “St.Andrews is a joke

  • Michael, I admit I haven’t played any computer golf in a handful of years – nothing more than a couple of rounds of Wii Sports golf. But back when I played games like Tiger Woods 2004 regularly, I always felt that the course difficulties were kind of arbitrary, anyway; rough was always difficult to play out of, but any shot you kept in the fairway could easily go 270-280. Perhaps this is their interpretation of Tour-quality golf, but I agree with you; I’d like something a little more like the real thing.

  • I agree Greeny, St Andrews was always mega-easy on Tiger Woods games…especially when you used the “power” drive option, it shortened the holes to ridiculous levels. And I’m pretty sure somewhere along the way, during my gaming experiences, I’ve played Augusta. Not 100% sure mind you, but I seem to remember it from somewhere.


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