Sound advice or poor design?

What do you think of this sign?

This sign is on a golf course in Adelaide on the tee of a hole that dog-leg’s right, with some large trees on the inside corner. However, a large gap opens up even further right, out onto the fairway of the next hole.
Golf clubs can introduce whatever rules they like but it seems to me that the hole has been poorly designed. Given the game of golf is all about getting the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible, I’m not so sure “the spirit in which it has been designed” line would change a lot of golfers minds. Can you imagine telling this to John Daly or Bubba Watson?
I wonder how many golfers have been disciplined?

5 thoughts on “Sound advice or poor design?

  • We have a hole similar to this at a course in Christchurch. Its a par 5 that is impossible to reach in 2, but if you play to the other side of the tree line up another fairway then you can smack a hybrid up near the green for 2.
    The course has now but white stakes along the tree line and made it an in course out of bounds to stop people playing the hole this way.

  • Nice Cam. At least the club has found a way to alleviate the problem rather than a sign. That’s the way it should be done.

  • If there’s a gap, I’ve having a crack. Tell em to plant a big tree if they don’t like it.

  • I’m surprised that the club just didn’t put up the OB stakes and move on.

    That usually means that the greens committee chairman usually puts his tee shot somewhere near those trees and the adjoining fairway.


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