Some bloke throws a golf ball in for a hole-in-one: video

These guys throw a golf ball for a hole-in-one.

Briefly looking at their YouTube page, these guys named “How Ridiculous” are partial to the odd sporting trick shot. The majority of them are from the world of basketball but on this occasion they spent some time on the golf course to try and ‘throw in’ a hole -in-one.

I’ve often wondered how many ‘shots’ it would take me to get around a golf course but judging by the length of the shadows when the amazing throw was achieved, perhaps trying to get a hole-in-one could take a very long time.

The lads from ‘How Ridiculous’ spent a long day at the 104m par-3 at Collier Park Golf Course in Perth to try and nail the hole-in-one.There is a lot of relief coming through in their celebration and no doubt some pretty sore arms the next day.

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