So you want your own backyard putting green?

What are your options when it comes to installing a backyard (or front yard) putting green?


A few years ago I had an idea that many of us crazy golfers have from time to time; ‘Maybe I should put a putting green in my backyard?’

Surprisingly it was endorsed by the rest of the family and I went about searching for ways to make it happen. At the time there were few commercial options available and despite some in-depth DIY instructions on various websites, it all seemed too hard and regretfully, it never happened.

Turf Green is a company working out of Brisbane and they got in touch with us recently to show off some of their putting green handiwork and some of the photos look superb.


My main concern with the DIY aspect was using doing it right, with the right materials so it stayed in good condition for more than a few months. And as many of you may know if you have ever spent more than 15 minutes on the practise putting green, you’ll know it can get boring pretty quickly. How much am I realistically going to be using this green?

Turf Green tell me they have a lot of that covered. The green’s are constructed from the best material, notably the underlying surface needs to be properly prepared. The top turf they use is “very realistic, true-to-form feel” and they work with golf course designer Richard Chamberlain to design personalised greens “that are as simple or as complicated as you’re after, with different topography, obstacles and surfaces”.

If anyone has constructed one of their own or know of other companies around Australia who install putting greens we’d love to hear about it and we’ll add some more options here.  I’m going to bring this idea up again over dinner tonight.

If you’re in Queensland and interested, perhaps check out the Turf Green website for more information.


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