Slow-play, the PGA Tour and the money that controls the game

Think slow-play is a blight on the professional game? You’re gonna love this article.
John Huggan is possibly the world’s most acerbic golf writer. Usually doing nothing but calling it as it is, he is more than happy to unload on the PGA Tour and its players.
His latest, self-described ‘rant’ is a beauty. He rips into the belly-putting, spitting Keegan Bradley and highlights that not one PGA Tour golfer has ever been sanctioned for slow play in the last 18 years that Tim Finchem has been in charge. 
Huggan also covers the PGA Tour’s latest idea, which will see the season extand over the full calendar year.
Think about it. If and when the Fed-Ex money-grab extends into the latter part of the year, the chances of places like Australia and South Africa and Asia seeing the leading US players will become almost non-existent. Youngsters around the globe will be deprived of close-up views of their heroes. And, inevitably, kids who might have been tempted by golf will drift away from the sport. But none of that apparently bothers Finchem and his band of blue-blazered henchmen. They just don’t care. For them, it’s all about the cash and nothing but the cash, baby.
Read the full, candid rant from John Huggan. He is worth following on Twitter too if you dig a little bit of scrupulous golf writing. I just need him to rant about the pieces of plastic that Bradley and so many others wear around their wrists and I’ll be happy.

One thought on “Slow-play, the PGA Tour and the money that controls the game

  • Hey Michael,

    I took some pics when i was down at Huntingdale and saw that they had taylormade hats with the power balance logo on them! It still amazes me that professional sports stars who have been shown that these things do NOTHING continue to wear them! Just goes to show what a good placebo can do for someone with nerves of glass!


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