Shane Lowry’s comments on golf courses and growing the game go viral: video

Shane Lowry’s comments about playing golf rather than learning to swing the golf club went viral last week.

Ireland’s Shane Lowry was in Melbourne last week playing at the World Cup of Golf and he offered some intriguing comments on the game that clearly hit a nerve with the wider golf community. I’ve wrote a piece on Lowry’s comments over at Golf Link that begun talking about his love for Kingston Heath then finished with a few thoughts on how best to get new players into the game.

“You’ve got guys like Adam Scott and Louis Oosthuizen and Rory McIlroy who swing the club absolutely perfectly,” he said.

“But we’re all out here and we all can beat each other and we can get around in a lower score than them even though we don’t swing it as good as them, and that’s what the game of golf is about.

“We didn’t learn how to swing the club, we learned how to play golf. I think that’s what golf’s all about, it’s playing the game and not swinging the club.

“I think we need to teach that to kids, to let them out on the golf course rather than out on the driving range.

Check out the full article over at Golf Link.

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