Seve opens up about life, golf and brain surgery

Seve Ballesteros is one of the world’s most loved golfers but as an intensely private (and some would say angry) man, what makes him tick has always proved elusive.
One of the finest golf interviews in living memory has just been published in American Golf Digest. Jaime Diaz managed to interview the Ballesteros while he is recovering from multiple operations to remove a brain tumour.

“Through all this, I’ve never been afraid of dying,” he says. “I was more afraid of how I was to face the future. Because maybe I couldn’t manage myself. But I feel much better about that now. I don’t feel sorry for myself, no. You’ve got to be strong in life, because it is not fair. You just have to think, This is what I have. I have no other choice. Take it or leave it.”

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The interview is tragic, captivating and heart warming. The man who doesn’t know how to lose appears to have lost a lot of anger. He has been forced to withdraw from The Open Championship four-hole exhibition match on doctor’s orders.

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