Rules of Golf: The Teeing Ground

During a weekend round of golf at Murrumbidgee Golf Course in Canberra I spotted the placement of these tee markers.

The two markers defining the teeing ground were separated by about 30 metres. Between them lay two tee boxes, a cart path and a garden bed.

There is nothing in the rules to say the markers need to be separated by a nice flat, grassed teeing box area at all but good luck getting your tee into the cart path.

Rules governing the teeing ground:

  • The teeing ground is defined by a line between the two markers and a depth of two club lengths behind it.
  • In strokeplay, a two shot penalty applies for teeing off outside of the teeing ground. Failure to correct the mistake before the next hole results in disqualification.
  • In matchplay, there is no penalty however the opponent may require the player to rehit.
  • You may use a tee or build your own out of any natural substance you can find.
  • You cannot move the tee markers when teeing off however you can stand outside the defined area as long as the ball is positioned within it.
  • There is no penalty for your ball dropping off the tee or by accidentally hitting it while addressing the ball.
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One thought on “Rules of Golf: The Teeing Ground

  • Thanks Aussie Golfer,

    To add weight to you argument, it was only 8 months ago, that I “merce” and my brother “herb” confidently struck our drives off the 13th at Riverside Oaks in Sydney, only to notice that I had incorrectly hit from the White tees on a blue tee day, given I had the honour as usual.
    I believe I had had “six” on the twelth hole.

    As Herb observed after a disasterous drive, “we’ve hit off the wrong tee you d&^%!”. I believe he was happy to make that observation as my drive was in the middle of the fairway.

    The other two in our group Simon Cox and Dean Menzies looked quizzically at the two of us, not certain of what all the fuss was about.

    As Herb, “the rule Nazi” pointed out, re hit two shot penalty.



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