Rory, the #1 star

Rory McIlroy becomes the second youngest golfer to ever assume the role of the world’s best golfer.

Rory McIlroy has won the Honda Classic, and won not just the $1million winner’s cheque, but also moved to the number one spot in the Official World Golf Rankings.
At only 22 years of age, McIlroy has become the first Irish born golfer to be crowned number one, and  the second youngest ever. Tiger Woods became the world’s number one golfer at 21 years of age, back in 1997.
The ascent to the number one position is gratifying for many who think the world’s best golfer should have won a major. McIlroy did so by pounding Congressional and the field into submission at the 2011 US Open, only two months after an embarrassing collapse on the final day at the US Masters.
I’m not one to subscribe to this theory but no one can doubt McIlroy’s current dominance and new world ranking. He has had nine Top-10 finishes from his last 10 starts. Extraordinary considering he travels the world to play and the depth of field he usually up against.

Unwittingly perhaps, McIlroy’s golf swing is the envy of every golfer on the planet. Golf coaches across the world are now facing the impossible task of having every student wanting a swing like Rory’s.

It is as close to perfection as you will see, much better than Woods’ golf swing in his prime.
But it is near impossible to emulate for most normal human beings. His rotation, and power through the golf ball is incredible; matched only by the flow through to a text-book finish with his belt buckle facing left of the target, and back foot facing the flag-stick.
I’m guessing it’s not even in text-books. It is that freakishly good.
Footnote: If you laughed at, or even recognised the title of this article, you too must have kids.

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