Robert Allenby chats to Sunrise about his kidnapping: video

Robert Allenby had a chat to Kochie on Sunrise this morning about the crazy kidnapping that occurred in Hawaii on the weekend.

Robert Allenby was allegedly kidnapped after a few drinks at a wine bar in Hawaii last Friday night and he has chatted about the whole ordeal to Channel 7’s Sunrise program today.

After missing the cut at the Sony Open, Allenby, his caddie and a friend went out for dinner and a few drinks. After the meal, he went to the bathroom and on returning was told his friends were waiting for him downstairs. And it was while he was on his way to meet them he was taken away in the boot of a car, beaten, robbed and dumped in a park six miles away.

“When I came out of the bathroom some people had said that my buddy had already left and he was downstairs waiting for me”, Allenby recounted to Sunrise.

“So I just went downstairs, ’cause the lift was right near the bathroom. And then walked around the corner, and then bang”.

Allenby doesn’t remember much more about the incident and he suspects his drink was spiked prior to being kidnapped.

“The next minute I was thrown out of the boot of the car and on to the side street, and that’s why all the gash is o the top from where I hit the road,” Allenby said.

“It was a homeless person that told me that. Otherwise I would never have known.”

The US Golf Channel also chatted to Allenby this morning:

One thought on “Robert Allenby chats to Sunrise about his kidnapping: video

  • Robert is a great humble guy, but why would some no name gangsters target the 279th ranked golfer in the world? Would they have really recognised him?


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