Putting with your eyes closed

Peter O’Malley
Here is a putting tip for the desperate, try putting with your eyes closed. I’ve heard of doing this as a training drill and maybe even the odd social golfer here and there trying it out but last week a professional golfer admitted he has been doing it and it has helped his putting, out of sight.
Peter O’Malley could be considered one of Australia’s most-liked professional golfers but he could also be considered our worst putter. He has missed so many short putts in big tournaments it doesn’t hurt any more but now he has resorted to putting with his eyes closed for all putts under six feet.
“I’ve got a new theory going – and I’ve practised this over a long period of time – I’m putting with my eyes closed,” O’Malley said. “Everyone laughs when I say it, but it’s true. It takes away the visual anxiety.
“When you get over those short putts and you can’t see what the putt’s doing, it takes away the anxiety. I’d say most guys out here have practised doing it at some stage. (As to) how many guys have actually done it in tournament play? It probably wouldn’t be that many.”
“With the eyes shut, I hit it more firmly than I probably would with my eyes open.”
Who is going to try it this weekend?

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