PRESIDENTS CUP Adam Scott press conference: “We don’t like losing”

Ahead of the Presidents Cup this week, Adam Scott remains “incredibly optimistic” that the International team can get a win at Quail Hollow.

“As individual competitors, we don’t like losing. I know that’s something we do a lot anyway is playing individual tournaments. But I think it has stung a lot. It’s been frustrating a lot. The close calls really sting. The couple times we’ve really been thumped is very, very frustrating, and I think in saying all that, I’m the only one carrying any real baggage into this one,” Scott said.

“I think Hideki probably has felt a bit of both, as well, in fairness. But I think the beauty of this one for me is that I see a lot of guys out here for the first time, and when I made the team for the first time, it was like, you make the Presidents Cup team, you come out and win points, it’s what you’ve dreamed of, and that’s kind of how it started for me, on a pretty good note. That’s what I think these guys can do this week.”

Asked about LIV Golf and why he hasn’t made the jump across, Scott had a very candid, clear answer.

“Why am I still on the PGA TOUR is because it suits me best to be on the PGA TOUR. It’s as simple as that, really,” Scott replied.

“There’s one thing I think I haven’t grasped is giving up my
entire professional life of trying to achieve these things here and just leaving it behind. I’m obviously not ready to do that. I may never be, as well, to be clear. I just think that seems to be a hurdle that — well, it hasn’t really presented itself to me anyway.”

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