Portrait of Adam Scott entered in Archibald Prize

Adam Scott has been immortalised in a portrait featuring his famous green jacket.

Adam Scott sat for a portrait the day after he won the Australian PGA Championship last year. In what was an amazing, busy few months for Scott, he managed to squeeze in time to sit for Queensland artist Vanessa Perske in his Masters winning green jacket.

Perske is wife of tour professional Wayne Perske and she submitted the portrait for the Archibald Prize, titled “C’mon Aussie”.

From the press release:

Although her portrait of Scott wasn’t among the Archibald Prize finalists announced today Perske was extremely proud of her stunning artwork.

“Adam has done so much for Australian golf and is such an incredible ambassador for our county overseas that it was really nice to honour him in this way,” said Perske who spent upwards of 50 hours painting the acrylic and ink on canvas portrait.

“Usually I paint quite quickly but I took more time with this portrait, it was a really special piece to work on.”

Scott posed for the painting at his Gold Coast home the day after winning the Australian PGA Championship and while the Green Jacket was his request the board shorts were the artist’s flair.

“He came out for the session so relaxed, he hadn’t done his hair and I thought the board shorts were a nice Aussie tribute and helped capture his down to earth, larrikin nature,” added Perske.

I’m still in awe at Scott’s demeanour and generosity when he was back in Australia last year. Day and night he was attending functions, catching up with his own family and still managed to play some amazing golf. And here we did out he even managed to find time to sit for a portrait.

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  • Sorry Vanessa. In the true vein of Kath Day-Knight: “I don’t like it”.


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