PGA Tour shop fails Australian golf fans

As a lover of all things golf, I was surprised I’d never visited the PGA Tour Shop.

I quickly rectified the situation and was soon browsing the online store and considering making a purchase. Given the PGA Tour is no backyard corporation I figured shipping to Australia shouldn’t be a problem but I felt compelled to check, just in case.

It turns out Australia is categorised in “International Zone B” along with other countries such as China, Denmark, Spain and Martinique. Shipping anything to “International Zone B” countries is $59.99!

At first I longed to be living in an “International Zone A” country such as Ireland, Hong Kong or France but realised I’d only be $10 better off. How exactly are they shipping their products? Is it the early 1900s?

A golf cap was selected and I went as far through the process as I could to make sure this was real. Yes it was (see screen image below). A $12.99 cap would cost me $72.98.

Let’s just be grateful we are not in “International Zone E” where shipping will cost you $129.99.

One thought on “PGA Tour shop fails Australian golf fans

  • Come on, it’s not about price, just think you could have had a cap from the Reno-Tahoe Open for just $72.98, what a steal, certainly a lot cheaper then flying half way across the world and actually have to attend the tournament!!!!



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