Paula Creamer’s US Open goes down the toilet

Last week, South Korea’s Inbee Park won the US Women’s Open last week by four shots. Her victory and Annika’s great eagle on the last hole was given plenty of press but so was this little incident involving Paula Creamer.

Things went a little awry for her on the 9th hole where a second double bogey for the day on the short par 4 ninth pretty much blew her chances. She knew her chances had gone and decided to hide in the toilet for a while. She was in there for quite sometime as her playing partner went and hit her tee shot on the 10th before she came back out!

All the details are nicely written about at the World Golf website here. It’s actually a fairly dignified way to spit the dummy really. Beats some of the ways I’ve seen people do it on the golf course and for the record I don’t mind it all. It’s nice to see a bit of emotion in professional sports stars these days!

N.B. The article above talks about Paula Creamer doing an Adam Morrison. I had no idea who this guy was but he was a college player for Gonzaga and the story of his tears is here.

2 thoughts on “Paula Creamer’s US Open goes down the toilet

  • Maybe she really had to go and that was the reason she double bogeyed the hole!!!

    One thing i would like to know is the percentage of Korean/Asian women on the LPGA tour, it seems the leaderboard is full of them every week, and why only the women, there is certainly not an abundance of korean/asian men on the pga tour?!


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