Padraig Harrington: “As we are on the Champions Tour, I had the longest pee ever.”

Padraig Harrington lost a playoff to Steve Stricker in last week’s Senior PGA Championship in Texas, and he may well blame an old man’s bladder for the heartbreaking loss.

Golfweek’s Todd Kelly reported that Harrington had a bizarre, very frank excuse for rushing a shot that led to a double-bogey during his third round.

“Sixteen came out of nowhere, which is, I have a. … so, essentially, I went in the toilet. The door was locked. Took me a minute to realize there wasn’t somebody in there, another few, another while to get the door open.

“As we are on the Champions Tour, I had the longest pee ever.”

You gotta go, the door is locked, you’re not sure someone’s in there, your group is waiting on you. We’ve all been there.

“And then I kind of rushed down the fairway and hit my shot. The second shot was kind of innocuous because the pin was so tight I was just playing 15 feet left of it and to be honest, yeah, I just, I wasn’t. … I do that sometimes, I just wasn’t focused, I wasn’t into it and I hit a bad shot in the hazard.”

Harrington also had a wayward driver that not only lost him a few shots but some cash out of his wallet as well.

Harrington’s drive careered into the gallery and hit an unfortunate man on the head.

In addition to apologizing and handing him the now traditional signed glove, the Irishman went for his wallet and pulled out a bunch of cash for the spectator who was nursing a nasty bump on the head.

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