On phones, cameras and backpacks at the Presidents Cup

I’ve had a load of people asking about the mobile phone and camera policy at the Presidents Cup this week. Here are the official word from The Presidents Cup organisers.

Mobile phones are permitted on course in designated areas
The Presidents Cup will permit fans to bring their mobile phones into the tournament as part of The Presidents Cup mobile device policy.
Dos and Don’ts for mobile phone use at The Presidents Cup:
• Phones must be in silent mode at all times.
• Phone calls may be placed or received in event-approved designated areas only (see on-site signage).

Camera use
• Still photography is permitted on Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY.
• NO Cameras and/or Camcorders (Thursday-Sunday) 
• Still photography is NOT permitted at any time during competition (Thursday- Sunday).

Small bags permitted only
• NO Bags or Carry Items sized larger than (40x30x20cm) — all items subject to inspection

Beware if you break the rules
• Any/all violations of this policy may result in immediate removal from the tournament. At a minimum, violators of the policy will have their device(s) confiscated at the patron’s risk until his/her departure.
There is some serious security here at The Presidents Cup but from what I’ve seen already, everyone is very friendly. Perhaps just abide by the rules and get on down for the biggest tournament held in Australia for a very long time.
For more information, check out the policies on The Presidents Cup website.

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