On Monday we will have a new world #1

No matter what happens this weekend, Tiger Woods will not be the world’s number one golfer on Monday. The position will be filled by either Martin Kaymer or Lee Westwood replacing Woods who has had 281 weeks in the top position.
Martin Kaymer needs to win or finish second in this weekend’s European Tour event to take the world number one title. If not, Lee Westwood will assume the title despite missing the tournament through injury.
The world golf rankings are based on ranking points obtained over the previous two years and these two guys have accumulated more points than anyone else.

King Kaymer at bunkergate

One thought on “On Monday we will have a new world #1

  • I agree with the premise Who cares? The real question is how messed up is a system where Woods held onto the rankings as long as he did?

    Where the real excitement lies is at the Ranked #50 and below as the struggles to earn exemption from qualifiers or just keeping your card is the desperate need.

    Concerning ourselves with wondering how much multi millionaires pad their portfolios has become rather tedious. I’m sure that the #1 rating will mean more to the sponsors than the players.

    The sponsors can spark their marketing. When top guy blows up a round with a 76, you think he will think, “Well, at least I’m #1…”


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