Geoff Ogilvy on American Football

Aussie Golfer cringed and laughed several times as I read this article on the PGATour website about Geoff Ogilvy and American football.

Hey, I like the game too but I couldn’t help but feel Geoff was almost pressured into liking it for this interview.

It’s all summed up with his last comment:

“I am learning to love American football and it will grow,” Ogilvy said. “But it’s like a Canadian with hockey. I will always love Australian Rules Football the most.”

It’s weird hearing someone who doesn’t know the game very well describe Aussie Rules and it is always compared to a thousand other sports. It’d be the same for golf I’d imagine:

“Well, there’s a set of sticks and you hit this ball with them, a bit like hockey. The idea is to get the ball in the hole, a bit like snooker but the hole is a long way away and you have to walk around after it.”

I wouldn’t be rushing to the sport based on something like that.

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