Oakley Armchair Sessions: Ian Poulter

Oakley have shot a series of classy short videos in the company of Ian Poulter as part of their Armchair Sessions interviews.

They’ve interviewed a whole host of great sports people and this is the first time they’ve put a golfer in the armchair.It’s not surprising Ian Poulter’s an outgoing dude and a great interview. He chats about his hole-in-one at the Masters, his desire to try skiing and also gives a few tips on how to play a nice lob shot out of a bunker over a chair.

Below I’ve added his take on being a fashion icon and a hilarious look at how to get out of the trees. Head on over to YouTube to check out all nine of the videos of the Oakley Armchair Sessions with Ian Poulter.

2 thoughts on “Oakley Armchair Sessions: Ian Poulter

  • Ian Poulter is one of my favorite golfers. Do you think he has the game to win a major?

  • I kinda put him in the same boat as Robert Allenby. Ultra-talented, can go on massive birdie sprees at random interval’s but somehow not with a major win yet.


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