Norman to play Augusta

Thanks to his 3rd placing at last year’s British Open, Greg Norman has the opportunity to play the US Masters once again and with little fanfare he’s going to accept when the invitations are sent out shortly. He’s already preparing himself for it, his son Gregory will be on the bag and in an article over at FoxSports he had some interesting things to say. Here’s an excerpt:

“At the same time, it was a huge turning point in my life. When I had that six-stroke lead and it didn’t work, I mean, I was elevated in the world of the public eye by losing, not by winning.

“That changed my life. I can tell you that, dramatically, just by the outpouring of emails and letters and support that I got. No matter whether I walked anywhere, somebody would make a comment about how it changed their life towards their son or daughter by the way I handled it.

The 2009 US Masters begins the week of April 6.

*Photo courtesy of AFP

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