Norman speaks about the Masters

Les Patterson (not Sir Les) from the PGA Tour interviewed Greg Norman about the build up to this years US Masters, his first since 2002. He talks about the course changes, his failures at Augusta and his favourite Augusta moment. The full interview is at the PGA Tour website but this quote caught my eye. It’s something I’ve been speaking to golf fans a lot about recently, Augusta’s undulations:

Well, 1981, my only visual was seeing Augusta National on television, so I had a preconceived notion of what it was going to be like. And when I walked out on the other side of the clubhouse in April of ’81, I was shocked at the undulations and magnitude of the undulations. I was shocked that you never really had a flat lie unless you were on the tee. That never came across as I was growing up watching the Masters. So that impacted me the most.

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