New motorised buggy designed for Australian conditions

These new motorised golf buggies have just been released onto the Australian market and they’ve been specifically designed for Australian conditions.

The MGI Quad series (four wheels) golf buggy has been updated with a cool new look with each offering some cool standard features such as a seat, but also a solar charging compartment.

Arguably one of the biggest motorised golf buggy brands in the world, MGI is evolving with a fresh identity to complement the new Quad series. A new compass logo, corporate colours and a new series ensures MGI remains stylish and at the forefront of innovation in golf.

From the press release, MGI founder Ian Edwards:

“In Australia we tend to play golf all year round and overseas it tends to be more seasonal so we needed a golf buggy that could adapt to our four seasons. This included standard features such as a seat to rest on for summer, an umbrella holder and water-resistance for winter and autumn. As well as an integrated solar charging compartment to enjoy a full spring day on the course and with the one piece compact frame for easy transport and travel, golfers will be able to enjoy travelling to their favourite golf course any season,” he said.

“I created a buggy built for the harsh Australian conditions and took the best features from various buggies built for other countries to create the ultimate buggy under the MGI brand,” he shared.

The Australian owned and operated company have launched the new MGI Quad Series which includes the MGI Hunter Quad (RRP $1,295), MGI Coaster Quad Brake (RRP $1,495) and MGI Navigator Quad Gyro (RRP $2,295).

Check out MGI Golf for more information and stockists.

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